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Photo illustration by @dzalcman
“the kids look like they’re in the middle of some fairy tale landscape, lost among giant flowers and sparkling lights,” says photojournalist daniella zalcman (@dzalcman ) of her #whpscale submission, which is a composite of three images from quinhagak, alaska; washington, dc; and penobscot nation, maine. “i use multiple exposures in my editorial work on a regular basis and i also like to make these composites for fun — particularly as a way to play with scale and give the images a slightly surreal feeling.”
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Absolutely amazing! 💕
Dot!!!!! xoxox
Umbre, lumini si viata face ca fotografia suprapusa prin diferite imagini sa aduca o nota plina de veslie si viata-superba !
You with me on the road to the winner.
@___imiss__sh___ laaqal ye baram nime pore livano bbn,6 mah vasat sabr kardam, arzeshe ino dasht ke ye bar be dooor az hezar ta bado birah harf bzanim, vali towri nist, to hichvaqt vase hichkas sabet nisty chun kolan az in shakhe be un shakhe mipari, rafte tu khunet inkar,omidvaram kasi mese man injuri zud gule dust dashtanaye puchalito nakhore.... badjuri behem zarbe zadi, bade 2 hafte hame chio moshakhas kardi,2 hafte dar khosh inane tarin halat
Anti stressing!:)
Sheer brilliance ❤️❤️
Жизненно ✌🏼😌✌🏼
We always were in a right place in a wrong time or in wrong place in a right time,
that's why we've missed each other.
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