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Photo by @frauki
“i absolutely love places that make you and your problems feel tiny, and think that nature has the power to put us back into place.” —german student frauke hameister (@frauki ) #whpscale
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@m_mmaa_258 جواب چیو ندم الان اومدم اینستا خوب نیسم
It is a beautiful mountain snow scene i also love you very much✨❄️✨❄️✨
Wow, damn, this is honestly so good. like that's so insane
Look that face on the mountain !?!
Beautiful place contagious tranquility and silence of the landscape
@nazii_nakhjiri خانم نخجیری لطفا دایرکتتون رو نگاه کنید
Wunderschön 💕
Hummmmmmoui plutôt falique cette photographie vous ne trouvez pas ?
Incredible, bucket list location
Woow !! so beautiful place😍😍❤️ i love it ❤️
Feeling peace 😍😍
I love this mountain they are so pretty.
That sounded like me when i was in prison. (caption)