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So after endless attempts of trying to find a coat that fits moose we finally got him one! it may be a 6xl but it fits🤣😍 #raincoat #dogcoat thank you to @rachael_kelly_equestrian :)
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Nice coat, my mummu says she is buying me a baby horse coat!😂
So cool. 😊 we love the hurtta brand, they have giant coats. 😊 ❤️
@arniethedoofus we were about to buy one of them but then we found these! but it’s the way a baby horse rug saints would be like 3ft3 maybe:)😁😁😁
@propelli_ellie will check those out, we just struggle to find some big enough🤗x
What a handsome boy 💙💙
So freaking cute ❤️
We love moose!! how much does he weigh??
Where did you get this raincoat? i can't find one big enough for my saint...
@molosserapparel he hasn’t been weighed in a while but we reckon 65kg maybe🤷‍♀️:)
Well isn’t that just adorable right there.
@robynisgreat i have there instagram if you wanted to check it out😊 @rachael_kelly_equestrian