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‪1984 nlcs, game 5.‬
#mrpadre gets it done.‬
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What was a better team padres 84 or padres 98
🐐. awesome! where’s my time machine doc brown?
The q was as good that game as it ever was. we need to get a winning team that will allow us all to experience what a playoff atmosphere can be like. i'll never forget it.
Rip to a legend, hero and my biggest inspiration.
Unforgettable atmosphere, i was there on saturday's game. will never forget!
I will never forget this, because is my first world series. i was 16 yrs old coming to america! from phillipines i love
@la_piranha mad love for t guinn. rip. mad love for ryno. i also won’t forget it was the cubbies first nlcs showing since ‘45. buuuuuuttttt... never forget 2016 🏆... because you actually saw it... aaannnnddd maybe one day you’ll get that. i hope you do. but you are very, very far away. so, until you’re close... lets talk 😘
Those jerseys are so dope!
Now can we get a winning team?!?! 84’ 98’ & some div. titles in the 2000’s, long overdue!!! c’mon let’s go pads!
@padres our time is coming again!! very soon!!!
Bring back the brown! and orange.
How bout we make something happen next year! quit duelling on the past padres! i'll puke if i see another 84' or 98' tribute
I was there with my brother for game 4 and 5 i will never forget those days. or the noise in that stadium.
@chaddykanofarr i’m hoping all our young guys pan out soon. the organization is saying this year or next. so many young studs. hopefully something comes of it 🤞🏻.
@la_piranha i’d like to see the padres win. i have no hate. as long as they aren’t playing my 💙🐻❤️😃
@chaddykanofarr just don’t wanna see the d**n dodgers win this year. i’ll have to root for the red sox i guess. 🤢
@yeemarx seguro te acuerdas...
Didn’t do u guys anything after lol
@kevry88 remember, always....
@rpgray1 people say the cubs “choked” when really tony gwynn just teed off all day
This is depressing
I could watch gwynn play all day.
Miss you tony.
I miss that so much.
We will get there soon again! go padres.
My team for life!
Most awesome year! 1984. too bad they couldn't finish off the tigers
I was only 4 years old and can’t remember specifics about these games, other than doing cartwheels on my grandmas lawn after this game!! thanks for sharing. 🙌
I was there!