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📍mama's vietnamese cuisine; san mateo
🍲36. rare beef noodle soup, medium & 27. vietnamese egg noodle soup, large
hi friends, sorry i've been mia for a bit. i've been sick for the last two weeks ): last week, i was craving some warm and comforting soup to make me feel a little better. i stopped by this vietnamese restaurant for some pho after work. i always pass by this restaurant on el camino on my way to the mall.
their menu is simple and easy to search through. after ordering the pho garnishes were brought out - bean sprouts, basil, lime, and freshly sliced chiles. the soups came out soon after. the broth itself was filled to the brim! i squeezed lime over my whole bowl and topped it with bean sprouts and basil. both broth was clean and tasty, the egg noodle soup tasted a bit sweeter. the meat itself was thick and chewy. i originally didn't want to each too much, but ended up cleaning out my bowl and found there to be minimal vermicelli.
stay healthy friends!
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