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Final painting i did as a demonstration during my workshop last weekend. ➑swipe for a closer view➑
you can see me painting it in the workshop post before. it will be available as a print in my etsy shop besides some other new prints and also some originals when i re-open my shop next week. are there some special illustrations you wish to see as a print in my shop? or even an original you would like to buy? please let me know. perhaps i'll be able to concider your wishes. πŸ˜‰πŸ’•
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@iamfiggi this makes sence if you gonna use just singel pigment colors or making your own watercolors. 😊 i somehow knows the pigments in my palette better than the names and numbers of the colors of the brand in my palette, so i noted them down when i need to refill. but for my selfmade watercolors i of couse note down the pigment numbers πŸ˜‰
@iraville ah! i usually omit the “p” to save space. i also use all different brands at once. i like different pigments from different brands. still working out my palette. it’s so much fun!
Your trees are so friggin adorable, i get the major feels from them! your style in general is just fab! ❀️
I love this! 😍
A beautiful picture and a beautiful page you have it is very inspiring as well as art, so what do you think you see my page❀️
@_jon28 ohh i wrote everything in english and german in the product descriptions. the site in general should automatically appear in the language of the county you are living. i have no idea where you can switch the language. i changed the link a bit, is it working now?
@iraville i am so sorry ira, i am so new here that i don’t what is bio😨is that your website?
@susana.santisteban no problem. the bio is the little short text next to my profile picture of my instagram page. there is a link to my linktree and the 2nd link is a link to my book ☺
Love how the tree disappear above the bushes
Me súper encanta
As ilustrações dela são ótimas! ✨♥️
So gorgeous 😍😍
Woooo love your work, how long does it take you to finish such a drawing?
This is gorgeous!!! i love your style πŸ’›
This is beautiful!
@iraville hi ira, thank you so much for the info. i am follow you also en youtube for a long time and in etsy,, do you think that in etsy would be possible to buy your book? liebe grüße aus feldkirchen 😊
Wow! this looks awesome! πŸ‚πŸ
I would love to purchase a print of your recent winter pattern (with the mittens/hats/wool)
@knicortiz i am doing wrapping paper of it but maybe i could do the not repeated version of the original as a print ☺
@iraville great, i will purchase anything with this print either way! ❀️
Omg i love all your art β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
This is cool!
Wowwwwwww!!! that is stunning!! i β™‘ it!
Very nice works
@lynk.my is using this piece of your work without crediting your artwork! @iraville
Such stunning work ❀️❀️❀️