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@karypicnik do you know, what road exactly this epic pic was taken?? can you tell me please.. 🙏🙏🙏
@fazliharry fuji michi road near fuji no mori clinic
@karypicnik thank you so much. 👏👏
@mirandazualipach awi this is 😍😍😍
This one is #perfect 🌆🔥
Awesome shot!👍🏻
Love the pic😍
Belin che zighè, diufàus 👏 am piase
Fantastic picture 😃
it’s crazy how many lights on that street .
Epic man 👏🏼

Such contrast 👏
Found your picture on instagram. i have to say i really love the depth of the picture.
Hi! may i know how do i get here?
@_danielstone_ i guess 100-400 gm
@hwang199 i thought it probably was too since there is so much compression in the image. looks really nice!!😉
@_danielstone_ yes i want to buy it. but i am still thinking which one i would like to buy 70-200 or 100-400. 😄
@hwang199 100-400 hands down. i have a stock 55-200 and its ok. i used a friends 100-300 f 2.8 and it was amazing!!
@_danielstone_ nice and which camera are you using ?😄 mine is a7riii
@hwang199 my old nikon d90 & canon t3i. almost saved enough for a sony canera and 3 lenses. cant wasn't until next month lol. any problems with the a7riii?
@_danielstone_ no problems for a7riii but the gm lens are so expensive
@rkrkrk thx ☺️☺️☺️ 🙏
@rkrkrk thank you!! 😉 what camera did you use for this?
J’adore 🤩
Where is it ?