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This is the amount of cats i’ll have in the future if i don’t get a girlfriend right now.
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@elocinate hahahahhhhah thanks nicole. trying to put my sorry state into good use 😂
This is an acceptable amount
Awesome shot 😻💕✨
Cats do seem to come in multitudes so seems like a reasonable projection
I volunteer as tribute 🖐 lol
Awesome!!!!!! congrats! super great pic!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tens que arranjar e um catfriend.
Lol saaame
Great shot and awesome caption!!!!
Congrats on the feature brooo
A great shot and awesome photo 😍. but it's a little bit scary 😉hhhh
More than this amount of cats i'll have in the future even if i get boyfriend or not❤️❤️❤️cats=love❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻😻😻 purring❤️
Nah..you gonna find a gf this coming year 2019 ✌
Congratulations on your feature.
Epic picture
@jimchanfc can i be your girlfriend?? 😍😍
What are these called though???
Konichiva my friend ?
Ha, ha, haaaaaa✌✌✌✌ good luck!👍🏻🍀
Atleast u got published on instagram post & got followers... 👍
@pyschspaz they are japanese good luck charms if i’m not mistaken
@pyschspaz maneki-neko or something like that
@justa_goalie ooh i'll remember that
@justa_goalie also, thenkew!😊
This caption is really great 😂
@photocoating hahahha thank you so much. i still can’t believe instagram posted this caption. my life is complete.
Amazing picture! 😍
Not super awful, though - cats are great! 😸
Crazy picture with a dope caption 💯, love for cats 💕