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We’re hiding from monday. sshhhh 🀫

have a great week everyone! πŸ˜‚

#whplayers #freyaeverafter #birdphotography #feathers #teamcanon
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@ncianci this is a beautiful account
You’re so good!!
Congratulations on your feature.
I love them they are precious
@kevmania follow this account 😍
This photo is just amazing 😱 did they just do this pose at the same time or did you photoshop a bit ? 😏😍😍😍
Nice shot . i advice you to read about islam to know the true religion and the true god who give you this amazing talent so we should worship him alone
Congrats for the feature ❀️ happy for you πŸ‘
The cutest 😍
@fionalane8279 you should follow this account
Your photography is amazing i am in love with your skills and your sweet companions πŸ’˜
I’m obsessed! your photos are incredible ♥️
@_hacertunc ❀️😍
Как Π½Π°Π·Ρ‹Π²Π°ΡŽΡ‚ΡΡ эти ΠΏΡ‚ΠΈΡ‡ΠΊΠΈ ?????🌺🌺
Breathtaking photos! πŸ’™
Which species are those? πŸ‘€
What a cute pair! they’re so perfect!!! πŸ™Œ

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