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Thanks for the love @instagram ❤️
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Swoon! go zak, go! love your posts! love your craftsmanship! thank you for inspiring me 😸
Intriguing 🤔
@a.helene.pasquet prochaine brioche feuilletée???💪
@zakthebaker happy chanukah‼️
Take off ur nasty ring before touch food first !!! yuuk
@vika.orlikova ❤️❤️❤️ in love with this omg babka 🤤🥰
Looks so delicious! happy chanukah 😊
That looks like an insane babka
Yessss don’t stop
This is amazing!!!
Kranz cake! hanukkah sameach!
@estiegutnick @mushkeerak this is the way to do it!!
Gorgeousness ❣️
Do you share your recipes?
This is my favorite kind of art. it’s a pleasure to view and eat.
@lhavahb babka challah!!!! 🍫
Why is this kinda 😬? do you see it? or am i some sort of dough-ma-phobe? 😏
That looks incredible