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3 years, 3 ans
#remember #13novembre2015 #paris “hommage” video: https://vimeo.com/202785047 “3 years since that terrible november 13th night in paris.
today i think about the victims and their families, and about all those fallen due to acts of violence worldwide.
"hommage" has been an outlet to express the deep sorrow and the heaviness i felt following the paris attacks on nov 13th 2015.
i wish to sincerely thank again the professional skaters who participated without hesitation to the tribute on ice i wanted to create; and who gave all their heart, time, and talent to the piece. i simply couldn’t have done it without them.
thank you to @icetheatreofny who asked me to restage "hommage" with their marvelous company members to perform at the rockefeller center in new york a few month later, and during their benefit gala. what a beautiful and emotional time shared together and with the audience despite the dramatic context. thank you american cast! this is when the arts take on all their meaning and purpose.
i am not, sadly, horrified only by terrorists attacks. we are all well aware of those other acts of violence throughout the world”
i'll end with these two beautiful quotes: "let us bring equality, justice, and peace for all. not just the politicians and the world leaders, we all need to contribute. me. you. it is our duty" - malala yousafzai, nobel prize 2014.
“peace is always beautiful” - walt whitman

french cast:
lucie stadelmann, @altheapouchou , @mojokane_ , @j.prevoteaux , @jimmywose , @peter_grm , @vianneydrouin
itny american team & cast:
@moira.north , @jirinaribbens
@taranicolestamm , @steph.k.spencer , @bella_noble_justine , @d.eli.cate , @huotjessica , @christianphilip_ , @conorwagar_ , @maurojbruni , @dubs4short
thank you to @the_women_of_success of success @dawnzbournand who supported me in this endeavor.
music: yann tiersen
#peace #world #paris #hommage #13novembre #malalayousafzai #waltwhitman #newyork #rockefellercenter #skating #choreography #tribute #respect #remember #bataclan #stadedefrance #lecarillon #lepetitcambodge #cafebonnebiere #labelleequipe #citizenoftheworld #yanntiersen #education
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Nice picture
I really love what you’re doing on here! keep it up👏

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