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Greetings followers new and old! i’m jimmy chan from singapore. some of y’all might know this place by now, it’s a little popular here in singapore 😂 this is gardens by the bay in singapore, one of the biggest tourist attraction in asia and even as a local, i still find myself visiting this wonderful place for photography or even to chill and hang out with my friends. it’s kinda like those places you know you won’t get bored of no matter how many times you visit. so where are some of your favourite places in the world? and to my new followers, let me know which part of the world are you from! have a wonderful evening ahead everyone!

shot with nikon d750 nikor af-s 16-35mm f4g ed vr
130 2,430
@jimchanfc sorry man was only there for 2 nights short hop on before nepal :) don’t worry i’ll come back next year!
Hey!! amazing place, miss so much this beautiful city! i’m from brazil ☺️✨
@jimchanfc hahahaha yeah! despite it’s the same view we keep looking, something about those views just keep you starring😂🔥
I am french
Niceee! greetings from the other side of the world 😊
@rajdra have you been here? how was your experience??? i really want to visit brazil one day too! and peru!
@albane_rssl bonjour!! ❤️
@bio_medis_life ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@bewilderingindonesia greetings! indonesia? that’s not very far away hahah a
@abc204448658 ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️
Germany. i liked your pictures but i followed because the captions made me laugh
@allsoulsondeck hahahah thank you so much! i’m glad my nonsensical caption made someone laugh instead of making them roll their eyes 😂
I’m living in london but used to live in sg for 8 years till 6 months ago. great shot btw
And then some crazy rich asians decided to have their after wedding party/wedding reception on one of the biggest tourist attraction in asia
@darcymillervisuals why did you decide to leave singapore? hope you’re doing well in london! thanks mate!
@kirbnam hahahaha gardens will take it because that spells moneyyyyy.
Amazing view of gardens by the bay❤️
Wow the site is cool. i'm from cameroon 😎😎🇨🇲
@jimchanfc dads job moved lol i’m only 16
@urban_vignette it’s the classic but best view in my opinion
@miss_rosy_k thank you so much! nice to meet you! beautiful place! ❤️
@jimchanfc nice to meet you too💗
Incredible place and shoot
@imolro thanks mate! it’s my favourite place in singapore!
@jimchanfc mine too! i went at day, this is better
Guangzhou 🙌
@joonhee1999 i really wanna visit guangzhou one day! ❤️
Love your insta!
@sharkmediabe thank you so much!!! ❤️
Great pic jimmy. gardens by the bay is beautiful. i was there 3 yrs ago 👍
@spana66 thank you so much peter! are you planning on visiting again in the future? hope you had a great time during your visit 3 years ago!
Cool to see this place! hopefully can visit soon 😍
Stunning! congrats. follow us please my friend. ⭐️🌗🙏🏾 #noitenoinstagram