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Photo illustration by @sophiejanephoto
sophie jane (@sophiejanephoto ) captured this photo of her son after a trip to maungauika/north head historic reserve, a former military defense site in auckland, new zealand, with a series of underground tunnels. “my son had been soaking up all the history of the place and was standing inside one of the forts afterwards quietly considering it all,” says the photographer. “the underground tunnels are very eerie, and i wanted to bring some of that feeling to the image. i knew superimposing a reflection of the scene my son might have been imagining would be perfect for adding dimension and telling a story.” #whplayers
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❤️ کی اهل رفاقته؟❤️
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Нормально так ✌🏼😌✌🏼
What is coming? pray!
La casa embrujada @instagram
Just post the d**n picture, if i wanted it cropped i'd do it myself in a much simpler less frustrating way!
Inside out weather
@paria_mrk میخوای بری ازم شکایت کنی که نه بلاک میکنی نه جواب میدی
باشه حق با توئه منم یکی اینهمه مزاحمم میشد مدتها پیش شکایت میکردن.از بزرگواریته که نکردی تاالان
ولی بذار حرفم رو بزنم دلم داره آتش میگیره‌. آخه من کیو قسم بخورم باورت بشه بذار شر این دلم بخوابه تورو به جان پدرت اینهمه اذیتم نکن.. بهت قول شرف میدم آخرین باره فقط یه پیام بده بهم بگو حرفتو بزن و برو.. همین فقط همییین.‌

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