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Blasting that bing crosby holiday album, full spirit this morning 🤗 we’re here until noon, loaded up with fresh sourdough bread, pies, pastries, etc. croissants out of the oven at 8am. see you there. happy thanksgiving y’all.
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Chocolate croissants at 8! im coming back!
Are people t-posing for thanksgiving in the background? ahah
Happy thanksgiving! thankful for the smiling faces at ztb 😊
Can u make my bday wishes come true now?
@x0xjackieox what are you talking about?
It’s beautiful how much you honor your crew. blessings to all!
Total relate
I want to work‼️
Are you open tomorrow (friday)?
@xxfxck0ffxx you look so professional in this picture 😂
@kcreis here we go again. remember the last time @xxfxck0ffxx was on the instagram? 🙄🙄🙄 #sheschanged
@mae5to5o yep 👍🏼 😉
Where are they gloves?

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