Ivan Lam Starboy. Los Angeles 🌠 New video! ❗️ https://youtu.be/zTmscsOQ41k
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When someone roasts u online and you type “lmao” ... 🙂
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You’re so daddy i love you
@depunchh this is ivan :3
I love you,your wonderful😻
Ivanarmy assemble! that was cringey no?
You often do that.
Whoah so handsome😩♥️
We love and unbothered king😂😂😂
Omg!!!!! 😍❤️ @ivanbaaaaah
I never realized how nice your hands are 😭
Do you have zepeto ivan?
Me parece perfecto que te guste el.pito...pero maquillajes??🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦
Oh korea beautiful, someday i'll go 😍❤️
This looks like those secret pics ppl take of cute guys lol
Or when you type "no u"
When i write "hahaha b***h i'm dying" but i'm serious":v
Pretttty boy i c
Haircut 😍
Relatable content
Bck msia lah bro
Your skin omg 😍 the glow d**n
Bro yes.
@murielhendriks ik voel me aangevallen
I love ❤️your jacket 🔥