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I know this might end up being a scroll by pic but i had to share it because it made me so happy to see. that’s finn’s hair in the nest!!! i had to crop in so this isn’t the best quality but i’m posting it anyway. makes my heart happy to know we’re giving the wild birds fur lined nests to keep warm in ☺️😍
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@tassiloedwards haha! 😂 i love it! ❤️
@sandpiper247 finn is the dog 😊👍🏼
Awesome 👏 we also place the pups fur in our garden for the birds.
Definitely not a scroll by. i zoomed in immediately to see the birdies :) love it!
Sometimes i love these real life pictures more than the perfect posed/staged ones. thank you for helping our little feathered friends 💛💛
@christyobalek thank you! ❤️😘
@marloweandshakes i always wondered too. nice to know for sure! and yes, his fur is so soft and warm ☺️
So sweet❤️🐦
Lovely capture... so beautiful birds.
That will be one cosy nest!
Cute 😍 they will have a comfy home for winter ;)
Love this picture😍.
@mish.mash.do the whole region i bet! 🙌🏼😂
@sdt4944 that’s great!! 🙌🏼❤️
Finn does look like a mighty fine heater. that's so sweet 🐕💖💖💖
So awesome! love it... 😍
I love that, it’s so heartwarming! 💜🐶🐦
😍😍how nice
Just another example of what a talented, caring, creative, lady you are ‼️i just wish you lived closer to memphis,tn ❗️
So sweet❤️🤗❤️
Wow 😮😄
That's such a great thing to see!
Aww that’s just wonderful 😚 helping to keep them cosy during the winter❄️🦜🌲🍂☃️
That is a great idea, i love it! how i’d love to cuddle with the actual bear to feel the warmth ❤️
It is beautiful💚🐢
Wow!! did you just leave it on the ground for them? so cool 🙌🏼
@ohmydoggies it was blowing in the wind as i brushed him 😂 you could see the fluff all the way down the street. good ole kansas wind 🙌🏼😆
Very special image and comment freya!!❤️🙏❤️
I mean rupa😁
I have purposely left pet fur outside in hopes it would be useful for nests 😍 wonderful ♥️
Que lindos 😍