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There’s this indescribable bond between the older generation and the newspaper. it seems like everywhere they go, no matter how busy their schedule is, there’s always time to catch up with the news.
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Soo good! thanks for posting this! keep up the good work!👊
So many street to shoot in hk
Wah stalker mode on haha
Clean and sharp💯
Sometimes i want to sit in a cafe, take a cup of morning coffee, and read a newspaper..😁 very good photos👍
Loving all this telephoto compositions !!wish i brought one here too!
I always catch up on your news too
Hahaha it’s like our generation and the handphone man!
Damn got the sark feel. jimmy_sark hahahah. awesome shot man
Dope shots 👌🏼💯
U and the many taxi uncles u shoot also got indescribable bonds
@eliashllstrnd thanks man! i’ll try to post more of these streetshots so please visit again! ☺️
@blowithand yeah man. not only hongkong but macau. bangkok too actually man!
I’d rather find time to catch up on your posts and updates
@jm24travelz hahahaha yeah man thanks to the 70-200mm
@gloriarleao thanks gloria!! ❤️
@selenabaranova hahahah that’s the typical weekend for most! thank you so much. glad you enjoyed them!
@transcoped thanks bro! yeah man you definitely need one for hk! enjoy!
@weijiekeithfung my news always the same. single and lonely everyday
@muzzyus hahahahah d**n it that’s true af. just millennials tings
@desss_l hahaha please la. im not desmond sark. cannot anyhow steal last name
@patrivad thanks man! 😉❤️
@jlyn4 that’s true. but my bond not as strong as the one you have with babies.
@muddy.allen then please subscribe to my post! it’s free of charge! 😂😂😂
Thats my uncle
Now that you mentioned it
@rudolfguevarra hahaha i know right
What a great moment! well captured