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Sprig and willow make a beautiful couple but i’ll admit, i do miss these two being together 💛 #throwback .
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Sometimes i feel like these animals of yours are mythical creatures hahaha😄😲 i love the pictures 😊😍💓
Your shots are amazing on your feed! it can be challenging to get a good capture with animals. i wish i could get my pets to cooperate with pictures.
@lostinglenation thank you! mine don’t always cooperate but my way of shooting is to capture things as they happen rather than pose it. much less frustrating that way and the moments are authentic 😊👍🏼
@cooper_the_handsome_lab haha, mythical until you see the mess and destruction they leave behind 😂😩 glad you like our pictures ❤️😘
@aguilar.sheridan when rain died we brought in a new bird, willow. at that point sprig left winter and fell for willow. winter and river then paired up 😊
But who is with who now? cause in your recent posts i still see sprig and willow together
@xmelisa29 yes, sprig and willow are together. winter and river are a pair now. in this picture it’s sprig and winter. confusing i know 😜
@freyaeverafter_ oh i know... i have a lab 😂🤣 but you can never get mad at them, huh?😙 they know how to be cute when they know they're in trouble💓. when i get mad at cooper and yell at him, he looks at me sad... and somehow i end up apologizing😲🤔 lol😂
@h96_______ cute 😍😂
Birds are like little angels.. or i suppose all animals are. 💖
What type birds are these?
@aydin_arefian یاد بگیر
طوطی. تر به عشق ماده اش نمیخنده یاد بگیر@aydin_arefian
طوطی تر از تو با احساس تره به جیب خاای شدن ماده نمیختده فحش هم نمیده . @aydin_arefian
@alucarddraco io e te 🤭🤗😍
@tarashae77 😍 love birds
So cute ❤️what kind of birds are they?