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Iolanda’s episode is now live! watch her making her traditional ‘sagne’ - a popular shape from abruzzo that is similar to pappardelle - with a simple pomodoro sauce. a modest dish but totally delicious.
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@gbdavo que registro!
This picture!! 💝
What a beauty she is.
Le sagne appezzate ❤️
What a sweet nonna ❤️
@pizzicarellamia ahahahahahahahahahah guarda che non basta mangiare, devi anche cucinare!
Just like my nonna use to make and my nonno was mad about them 😍😍😍
@pastagrannies these women are so d**n beautiful. thank you so much for posting.
She is radiant. her face shines with love and pride in her beautiful work. it makes you just want to give her a hug.
Mangia bella!
Brava nonna. 🤗 sei molto bella. buon apetitto!
Oh my goodness @mrzambri 🤤
I cannot wait to watch first thing when i wake up :)
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Congratulations to those who won out fixed matches of yesterday's tickets. today's fixed matches are available. dm if interested.
Wow memories of my nonna. wonderful! do you know what type of flour? semolina or 00 or a mix? thanks
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Good work beautiful
@bec_spataro this page is so cute
Молодцы какие!
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