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Photo by @rkrkrk
after multiple attempts to capture mount fuji over the years, ryosuke kosuge (@rkrkrk ) captured his dream shot. 🗻 “my photography style is ‘dense,’” says the photographer from tokyo, “which predominantly captures lots of information and density.” follow along as we feature more of our favorite submissions to last weekend’s hashtag project, #whplayers.
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@instagram i have sent a mail to in stagram dk on facebook, i did that once before, but i did not get any answer, i hope to get an answer this time. thanks.
Absolutely beautiful
Good to see them using the crosswalk
@kyunlee17 don’t know but i know it’s town of the mt.fuji
Quisiera conocer ese lugar
Muy lindo me gustaria conocer ese lugar
Wow wow wow the most beautiful picture. magestic
@i_am_ksuke love this place i hope i will be there 🌚
@vishakhaagrawal ☺️❤️
Why is there jsut a crepy girl in a whit dress just walking right there anybody scared 2
Great shot 👌 take a look at my profile for more photography 📷
@sriwidiyana jauhh dari tempat aku sri😅
Awesome shot 👏👏💙
Cool were gonna come to japan