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Photo by @freyaeverafter_
the birds roam free in rupa sutton’s (@freyaeverafter_ ) bedroom. “while the feathers on the surface are absolutely beautiful to see, there’s a whole layer underneath that’s hidden until they fluff up for preening or bathing,” says rupa of her birds sprig and willow. “the hidden colors are some of the most intense. it’s truly a special treat to get a glimpse of them.” #whplayers
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Хороши ✌🏼😌👍🏼
👏اجمل صور ة😍😍😍حلوة وحبيتها🙌🙌😮
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Tüyleri kesilmemiş👌
Somebody is shy or sleeping
Que bueno que no están enjaulados.. yo estoy cuidando unos periquitos que los iban dejar morir de hambre, estoy preocupada por ellos me va a dar tristeza cuando se los lleven, por favor protejamos los animales.
عکسای مرده...فقط زیبایی بصری ولا غیر
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Great picture 📸🔥
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