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Here’s a throwback thursday to our first art basel in wynwood. we brought the house down with gospel & falafel. i think we’re due for a revival. one love.
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I can’t decide that i liked this photo because of composition or place but it is really good✌️😍
Belle ambiance chez le boulanger de miami 😆😃
Wow !!!! that’s amazing 😉 do that again - gospel & challah
What a mighty god we serve👏🏿🔥🔥🔥
Awesome ❤️
Gosh this is amazing. please bring back!
This was the best!
🙏🏾 praise him @zakthebaker
I remember that!
What a night~
This was a good idea. maybe you can do a karaoke.....
That looks like an awesome event!
let’s connect and do something for the cannabis community! 💚💚💚
happy chanukah 🕎
I love it, soooo powerful 💕
Yes!!! i took this
Let me know when you want to do it again bro!🙌🏾💪🏾
This was so much fun!
Oh! remember the “back lash”? do it again and again
@holzwoodshop you will be attending the next gospel breadbasket i hope??
Would have loved to be in the room! thanks for sharing.
Awesome! nothing like good ol gospel!!
How could we know ?
This is he first time i ever stumbled into @zakthebaker and it’s be my #1 from then on!!