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The ssp goodness is like the goodness from me to you
U know the chinglish😂😂😂
Great shot!
Nice work!
Love how the guy stood out in the crowd 👍
Your pics are great, can't wait to see more from you 👍.
Beautiful tones!! so nice🔝🍃
Very old school i like! which area in this in hk?!
@weijiekeithfung yeah boiiii show me more of that goodness please be
@lautak_ hahahaha of course. famous quote
@jonecat25 thank you!!! ❤️☺️
@hansaelee thanks hansae!! ❤️
@shernetty hahaha if only he’s a cute girl instead. or a very old auntie or uncle
@viral_gags thank you! many more to come!
@juanpabloparrra thank you so much juan!!
@desss_l hahaha thanks man! i love it too. sham shui po
@jimchanfc hk is a real gem man afte seeing all these photos. d**n gian now!
@desss_l hahahah you can surely go next year bro!
So dense and messy, totally in love with the hk vibes sia!
@qhventures totally man! you simply can’t hate on this place despite the mess
The beauty in chaos. 😍
Nice street shot!!
Nice street shot!!
Amazing shot man, that compression!
It seems like there are still a few signs in hk 😍💙
Croooooowdy, howdy!
Wah looking forward to be back soon!
@jsnjnr when are you going back???
@jsnjnr waaaaa shiok weather!! enjoy!
Really wanna visit hong kong! the food, streets and skycrapers😍
Feels so surreal man! 😍
Another very awesome picture!❤️
U are awesome at what u do,nice shot