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[ work . save . travel .repeat . ] ✈️ how i wish i get some flight/hotel sponsorship, but then i rather win the lottery so that i can spend like nobody’s business around the world...555! think my wanderlust virus is getting out of control. pardon me!! #superhapxhongkong
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👌👌👌superb as always sir! i really love this photo
@chinoumali glad you like this as much. 🙏🏻
This is superb! ☺️
Killer work.
@rog3rgoh thanks roger🙏🏻
@rfrecka 😍✖️🙏🏻
@veronang think we got the virus too strong to resist
Insane long exposure, perfect composition
Nice shot 👍🏻
Crazy trails dude! 😍😍
Always super 😍
Hahaha huat ah.....
Vintage 🔥🔥
This is absolute stunner!
Great shot. beautifully done.
Epic stuff man! love a good long expo
Can sleep . repeat? 😂😂😂
❤️👍👍great photo #photooftheday
@phantomminn 🙏🏻✖️😍
@andretnn thanks man 🙏🏻🙏🏻
@n_xie always so sweet 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
@jagamac266 queue d**n long
@88.optics thank you bro!! when are u coming to asia again??
@kings_soultones 😍✖️🙏🏻
@brandonrski thank u very much
I need to win a lottery so i can live in central london! ka-chinnnnggg 🇬🇧💰💷💷💷
@stevenocl sure if course!! it’s your life 😍
@charmaine_wright i’m sure you can if you want
@superhap i’m sure i can’t! central central london is beyond my league. but i can buy lottery though. 😆
Great shot 👌📷! for your chance to be featured please follow @picturetokeep_street and tag #picturetokeepstreet
Love your photo! i'm running this account to show art, and i want to feature this.
proper credit given of course!
let me know if you agree to let me post this magnificent piece! thank you!
My friend lives there. i see the icc everyday:)
Good one!💯