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Throwback to abruzzo back in december when 86 year old nunziatina made frascarelli. she uses 00 flour and egg and rubs the dough into tiny pieces, almost like couscous. the sieve, ‘setaccio’, and the scraper, ‘paletta’, are her useful pasta tools.
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Just collected my grandma’s paletta! fool me that i thought i wouldn’t have needed it! 😂
I love her hands
I love her name💗
Happy new year to all the grannies
@scusatema that’s great ilaria!!!
Where part of my family is from. little in the way of recipes though.
Those hands 👌🏻😍
My gran maria used to mk them.
Those hands are full of art and tasty foods
@alyssa_dee_ you need to follow this account
@amygalliford i know it so good my dad showed me
@christina_laugaland just saw this page on instagram :)
@carisamk thanks! i also follow them on youtube 😘
@fabimnogueira olha esse insta! olha essas mão trabalhando!❤️
@brunanananana demais, bru! eu não conhecia, vou seguir.
Mira. @javidog you have to see this. it is amazing.
@chiquishir increible nonna!
السلام عليكم لخوت تحدف لينا لحساب لقديم بسباب سينيال 😭 تعاونو معنا بآبوني ليحفظكم 🙏 @maghrebi_hor1
I'm getting so many memories of my grandma and i and i'm starting to cry
Abruzzo 🇮🇹😍
@aurashafshar how og is this page