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That do we have to go feeling 😔

this area is gorgeous and one day was not enough, but we’re so glad we stopped and got to explore a bit. we will be back!

many more photos to come once we get home and i can go through them all, but i couldn’t wait to share one, so this is an iphone photo from trav’s phone. it’s been a while since i’ve posted a phone photo, but i’m pretty impressed with the new phone camera and portrait mode. what do you think?

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@heymr.nelson this place was incredible 🙌
Views for dayssss! 😍
It looks really good for an iphone photo! ✨
Love those low clouds! looks beautiful. those greens are 😍😍😍
@adventuringwithnala it was so beautiful when the rain stopped and the clouds cleared 🙌 i can’t scene imagine what it would be like in the summer time with all these trees 😍
@murph.dood i feel like my favorite pictures were all taken right after a snow or rain storm. always such cool clouds
@kodi_thecoloradopup right!? i was so surprised!!
@heyerniedood it was so amazing!! did you see the videos on our stories
Awww looks so beautiful😍💛
@frankiethelabradoodle it was so incredible!! 🙌
If only we could stay on vacation forever!
Have fun in our neck of the woods!!! 🐶🐾 🏔 ❤️
@dadsanddoodles it is so petty here! so jealous you live here!
Nice.... but murph is sad 😞
@murph.dood yes, they looked incredible! so pawty!! 😍🐾🌄
Lol definitely thought this was taken with a dslr at first so the quality is fantastic!! ❤️❤️
That's one spectacular view!
The new phones are working well, we are thinking about a huawei. my family is tired always to carry the heavy camera equipment 😐
@mojo_border_collie_on_tour yea, it is tough to carry a dslr and lenses around all the time 😬
@nemoccr isn’t it!? so beautiful here 🙌
@ruff_bar he really wants to stay
@ruff_bar also tired from a long day of hiking 😴
@maggieb3ar right!? these phones these days are getting pretty good
This is so lovely
@jade.n.bowie thank you! such an amazing view!
No you should stay forever
@2husketeers i think you’re right!!
Image quality looks great, at least on a compressed format. the bokeh even looks good!
Lovely photograph, his eyes are so expressive!
@oh_newa thank you!! always - that doodle side eye gets me every time!
@chester.the.labradoodle i know right!? impressive for a phone !
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Stunning 😍
You're such a beautiful doggie! 😍
Beautiful dog!
@mathildaaqvilin golden doodle!.!!