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Maria makes some wonderful cappelletti in brodo in this week’s episode over on the pasta grannies youtube channel. different areas of emilia–romagna have different fillings- in faenza it is only cheese. #pastagrannies #italianfood #cappelletti
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Si chiamano tortellini e sono tipici bolognesi.
Cosa sono i cappelletti?
It's not true. i'm and in our cappelletti there isn't only cheese. we use also mortadelle
It's not true. i'm from faenza and we don't use only cheese. we use cheese and mortadella
Yes.... i did cappelletti in brodo every sunday with my mom when i was a child!! nice memories ❤️❤️❤️
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😂🌷yo .como que no. mucho trabajo🤣❤️
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@marcotass0 hey look they shot this in faenza 🎉
@ayseylenur omg! you're right! i love cappelletti!❤️
@marcotass0 i havent try it (obviously) 😅 but i like fresh pasta a lot and when i saw faenza i want to show you this💕
بيج اندوميسس شوفو راح يعجبكم😘😘
Mi dici esattamente il ripieno se consiste nelle uova sbattute parmigiano reggiano e noce moscata o altro?
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Orgoglio romagnolo
@mikey_steves this page is great haha
Vieni da mia nonna altroché!! brisighella ❤️
@nikolajpellegrini se det er sådan man laver dem! de kaldes venusnavler :)