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Always adventure ready, but as soon as the harness goes on, he knows it’s on #petsafepics #ad
murph has been wearing this harness on every walk and every adventure since he was a pup. its put on a ton of miles all over minnesota and wisconsin, the colorado and canadian rockies, and most recently kentucky and the carolinas. we love that it gently helps him not to pull and to heel without tugging at his neck or choking him. he’s so used to wearing it every time that he goes out the door or gets out of the car that harness time = adventure time. does your dog have any gear that they get excited about wearing?

harness: easywalk by @petsafe

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Our @petsafe harnesses are our favorite!
You do look so ready to explore!
I absolutely love my @petsafe harness! i’ve been wearing it for a year now, and it’s the best. my pawrents recommend it to everyone!
This sounds great! we need to look into getting a @petsafe harness, thank you!
We need to get some of these harnesses for our pups! they sounds great!
@houndplayground we love it! simple and works great ☺️
@laurieduncanart they are awesome! you for sure should ☺️
@bumble.dood it is the best! i think our whole rrg fam has them! prob thanks to you! ☺️
@minidoodlebentley you know me, always down to adventure!
@olivelenadoodle right!? they are perfect 👌
@misselliedood isn’t it the best!?
@vitothedogfather yes! it was great when murph was a pup. so excited for you guys to get #2!!
I’ll have to check out this harness! our new years resolution is: improve pulling while walking👌
@heymr.nelson this one works like a charm!! for sure give it a try.
We looovvveee our @petsafe easy walk harness!!! well the pawrents do at least. i can’t pull when i wear it 😬😬
The carolina mountains are amazing! i’m glad you got to experience them.
@that.dood.scout so beautiful! this is actually in kentucky - more carolina photos coming soon ☺️
Pretty ❤️
Love this shot! pet safe is awesome
@lokiofmn thanks so much! we love so many of their products too
@leothegreatdog it is so great! simple and works
Where to next, murph?!
@petsafe not sure! we better get planning for 2019!!
So pretty 🐶
@khairunnisa.hamizah hehehehehehehh bnyk fav i masalahnya hahaha
@meagancastle i feel like this page will be similar to the curly look tucker will have, don’t ya think?
Very nice content! murph is looking good 😍