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Have you ever seen a dude giving a dood a piggy back ride while walking on a frozen lake? #whpunexpected #doggybackride
we’re back home and adventuring in our own backyard today after nearly two weeks on the road. it’s bittersweet to be back - as always, the trip went sooo fast, but we’re happy to be home and to sleep in our own bed. can’t wait to share photos from the trip soon!

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Wonderful 👍
Such a sweet image.
Best photo ever!!😍🐾
Best photo ever!! 😍😍😍
Uh, where’s my piggyback? @laura.walters.21
Awesome shot 😍👍🏻💕
@gligline_ bon tu descends 😅🤣
@murph.dood this is the cutest and most heartwarming photo i have seen today. murphy is lucky to have you two, as are you to have him i'm sure‼️ 💞💖
@mathesonandco, @kookanookawitz shared this. amazing 😉
This such a brilliant photograph, just goes to show”who’s in charge”! hey 👋 🐕😘🌈
@wallensten look at beautiful @murph_dude reminds me of per and zita❤️❤️