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Here’s nina making pizzicotti. remember the readybrek adverts and fuzzy glow of internal central heating? this is the italian equivalent for farmers in abruzzo. leftover bread or pizza dough is kneaded, rolled out thick, cut into strips and pinched off into boiling water. the dumplings are served with oil, garlic and hot peppercorns. despite the description, they’re lighter than you’d imagine but exactly the kind of comfort food we needed in the freezing temperatures. we’d love a bowl right now!
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Look delicious,😮😮😘
@sophiaciccarelli left over bread pasta 🤭🤤
@kingsteffers wow they look amazing 😮
@naman717 for any leftover pizza dough? 😍
@rebeccabananas i never saw anything like that in italy😂
@juan.3asy now u have to😯🤗
@vedikabhootra i sure do! let’s try this on the weekend 😍
@naman717 yes! and i'm in the mood to cook!! i'll make the it!
Mi ricorda mia nonna, ahaahha
@vedikabhootra still awaiting the day when you’ll be in the mood to cook for me 😒
@naman717 i'm in the mood to cook for you! promise! ♥️
@suzanne1874 get in my belly
@edylancorr this is my new favorite account
@aliceelvins94 this is the ig account hun x
@seanie7 wicked thanks b***s x x
@clatsirk lumps of pasta dough soaked in butter??! how bad can that be?
@suzanne1874 it reminds me of the fried gnocci but on another level. we must try this.
🇧🇷 perfect perfil
@mval1990 abruzzo is towards the south
Nonne patrimonio dell'umanità
@lazyas so this is in abruzzo? my grandparents are abruzzese and they sound nothing like this woman.
@mval1990 i just figured that that's where she's from because she's talking about the traditional abbruzzese pasta! not everyone speaks with the "caduta" so even though her italian is very neutral she might still be from abruzzo :)
@nina.vray toi dans 50 ans 😋😍😉
@charlesmaxime.legrand oui bien sûre et toi avec la mousse au chocolat olives noires ... 😘