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A busy pup is a happy pup!
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travel tip: for long trips, we highly recommend to pack toys along for your dog that are challenging, stimulating, and high value. murph loves things that challenge him and that he can chew on (like really gnaw down on - he’s a big chewer) at home, but these came in extra handy for keeping him busy and entertained while we were on our recent long road trip, and stuck inside on many rainy days while we were there.

toys: forever bone and busy buddy tug-a-jug by @petsafe

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These toys looks awesome!!!!
@fosterthedoodle they are really fun, and yummy! best of both worlds
I always pack a bag of toys to make sure there's something to do at all times! 😄
That tug-a-jug toy looks so cool!!!
@willis_doodle it is super cool!! and when you tug it just right, yummy treats come out!! 😋
@peanut_doodle so smart!! do you have favorites you always bring along!?
@harperdoodle20 the treats in these are so good!
Those look like such cool toys!
@opiethedood they are super fun!! toys that are also treats are the best !
Yes he is!! i want one now
My dad was just saying i need some good tug toys
Wow great tip!! you look so happy dood😆❤️
@garbythedog thank you! definitely one happy pup ☺️
@vitothedogfather yes!! and this one rewards you with treats!!
@konachewingco so happy!! you should totally get one
That’s a cool new toy
These look like some great toys to keep busy. i should have mom check them out
Yes i agree! although skye still prefers to chase cars in the backseat 🙄😂
@blueeyeskye haha! i’d like to see that! how does sky chase cars in the car?? 🤔
@adventuresofpaddingtonpup they are awesome, and delicious! definitely check them out !
@murraymeez these are both so awesome!
That looks so much fun! 🎉❤️
That looks so much fun! 🎉❤️
@murph.dood she paces back and forth and sometimes jumps to the back window for one. but yet outside she wouldn't ever do that lol
Well those look cool 🤗
@elliedoodledog they are pretty awesome!!
Hey mom look over there! *steals credit card*
Oh how adorable, there’s a black labradoodle, and a white golden doodle in the neighbourhood! character or what! 🐕❤️
Just started following!! love your doodle!! we have an f1 goldendoodle that’s a year old. so much fun! love your dogs coloring!
@kellihallen1 thanks so much!! aren’t they the best!? murph is 2
@homer1.joecrowley they are so full of personality 🤣
@blueeyeskye omg that is too funny!! 🤣🤣🤣
He looks like romeo