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Photo by @yorikokoro
hello, world! for today’s #weeklyfluff, we’re having a ball with goma, a 5-year-old poodle who’s been groomed to be incredibly well-rounded. according to his human, yoriko hamachiyo (@yorikokoro ), it takes two hours to transform goma into a circular sensation. thankfully, yoriko is a dog groomer and owns a pet salon, where goma gets the supermodel treatment he deserves.
see more of goma and let this fluff ball bounce into your life, today on our story.
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Ржака 🐾✌🏼🐾😂👍🏼
Muito meu clone🤣.
@sophieefreedman admit u feel special now
I must say this beautiful
Ржака 🐾✌🏼🐾😂👍🏼
@madmelbmad why am i not surprised this is a japanese dog.
Ето смешно 😂 и мило😘
اريد متله لشراء
Что за одуванчик?!
Ржака 🐾✌🏼🐾😂👍🏼
Yo dog lookin like a bowling ball havin ah
Adorable ❤️😍