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Sick shot. love that background
So good bro
Brooo this restaurant is veryyyyy delicious ! 😍😍😍😍
I miss this spot 😥😥😥
@mcconnellwade thanks so much!! rustic beauty
Nice bro 💛
@superhap have to check it out myself 🤣
@jmspht krub. one of my favorite curry rice in yaowarat
@rawurbanshots me too bro me too
@blowithand this is classic bangkok street bro!! must go
@peonysus2nd thank you bro!!
Breath-taking it is all i can say about your work!!!
@guilaindemoutiers all i can say is thank you and thank you for your kind words 😝
I like your color tone :)
Ooh i love this man
Lepak life
Love your editing! that tone is beautiful!
@f.khnnt thank you film 🙏🏻
@onghaoxu i like that girl who’s scratching her toes in public 😝
Full of life ❤️
@charmaine_wright thank you charmaine 😝
@marie_paris_france thanks so much, marie
Love this shot. very interesting to look at.
Nice work 👏👏
I like this pic moody.
Queue for food
@ryanjamezlimz only for curry 🍛
@_sidyou 🙏🏻✖️😍
@gagaamax i like the curry
@rog3rgoh always interesting to shoot bkk street