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Check out our new igtv episode with teresa making maccheroni and orecchiette with a tomato and mussel sauce in the seaside village of torre vado.
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Puglia the best!
I just had a look at your photos. your perspective is normal but composition is great! just wanted to say 😉✌
In dialect orecchiette are “eee rekyetade”
@mmalgven tu dois suivre ce compte!!! 🔥
Omg maccheroni (fischiettoni) and orecchiette, a classic 😍
Pasta grannies makes me feel like we need another fresh pasta night soon @roenisha !
Как бы хотелось бы по пробовать , вкусно наверное!
@browneyescat oooooh moooon dieu 😱
My mom was born in padova italy. she cooks like these beautiful nonne. soooo good. 😋
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I liked your photos :) greetings from other side of the world 😊
@coolcoollel watch this to feel warm 🌻
@jorjoland ahw gege this vid is my country--gna watch it on the cold bus ride home 😊
Box pasta is a disgrace. everyone should learn how to make it fresh
🖤 auто соммеит 🖤
This is what sghettis are all about
@pastagama olha que bacana esse ig ❤️
@ste.fano.zurich look at this account 😍
@tomthechickens your face when i cook you pasta 😍
@aimeebea this is my favourite account if you don't already follow them 🍕