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No, this photo is not from a distant planet. it’s canada! (niagara falls, to be exact.) however, photographer michael sidofsky (@mindz.eye ) went to great lengths to capture this dreamy, spacey shot. “the temperature was -25 degrees celsius [-13 fahrenheit],” he says. “mist from the falls covered my camera while instantly freezing into ice. i was constantly chipping away ice and trying to keep my lens dry.” yikes! #whpcolorwheel photo by @mindz.eye
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Winter is here
Amazing 👌
Earthly heaven
@murad_salem10 هي ترا مرح تلقى شخص كثري يحبك اقسم بالله احبك يامراد وربي نفسي اشوفك ع الطبيعة
عيدكم مبارك و كل عام وانتم بخير حبايبي
Wow! this is beautiful!
Magnificent! 💖
Love it💜💜💜