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As a painter, annabell penelope lee (@annabell.p.lee ) didn’t want her art to be hung up and forgotten. “i wanted my friends to wear my paintings,” says the 25-year-old artist from los angeles, “for them to be active and used.” so, annabell started making clothes, a natural shift since she started sewing at 13.
colorful, checkered and eye-catching, these hand-painted garments sure make a statement, but they are designed to be extremely wearable. “i want to make clothing that is visually striking, but comfortable to wear,” she says. “usually, after i make a pattern, i wear the sample around to make sure it is comfortable.”
see more of her looks, today on our story.
photo by @annabell.p.lee
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No entiendo nada!!!!
Your fast
That is so beautiful keep it up the good work
Cool painting
👏👏👏 great painter!
Checker board patterns....how original and revolutionary. such an artist she is.
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