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Here are a couple of boards i'd like to flip...for those who like to get wet!

ol blackie is 5'7 custom "flathead"around the 29.5 litres mark..the other dims i can't read (coz it's black)

6.5/10 deck - 8 /10 bottom. $250

ol w****y is 5'9 × 19 5/8s × 2 something - 29.3 litres. awesome little hustler the "wave slave" is a true credit to lee's shaping skills @stacey_mfg
7/10 deck- 9/10 bottom. $300 firm.
both boards have plenty of radicalness left (see attached video of myself and blackie). ditch that friday baggie & chase the white lines in the pacific!
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If you think a roundhouse f**t carve to foamball fuzz wobble is gunna sell blackie you're going to need to swap sponos for more back-end cred
Remember to grab your rail
Post of the year i think you would have gotten a extra piney if you wore a leg rope more often
Upwards of $400
Yes to no leggy / no to no baggy🤔😂
Love how you just added “firm” into it as well
Cal lynch commenting “flaccid”
Throw in a red pano and some fin keys.. and i’ll consider getting upwards on it
Fuck yeah footy back on tonight!!!!
“ditch the friday baggie and chase the white lines of the pacific” 😂👌🏻 the bukowksi of sales

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