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Unsure which i love more — my motel room bedspread or the complimentary copy of “super chevy” from 1982.
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Five star treatment.
Now this establishment is luxury.
You know that bedspread probably also hasn’t been changed or washed since 1982, right?
Nice ❤️
Why are my parents running a motel in my childhood home?
Your surname ends like mine, maybe we're family? ❤️❤️
I bet this hotel also rents rooms by the hour...
متفاعل🤞ضيفني اضيفك👈عينك ع ستوري+لايك+تعلق🥀😍مردوده وربي🥀🌹🤞
Vintage p**n 🌟
Good stuff, keep it up👍
Super chevy
Direi che stanno bene assieme!😊👍👍👍👏👏👏
😁 living the high life!

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