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I promise that you’ll never find another like meeeee! 🎶 🍔 .
shamelessly stuffed my face at the new @shakeshack in little italy with @savvysweets! enjoyed all the burgers (shake burger + smoke shack), chicken (chick’n shack + chick’n bites) and cheese fries! their new space has a huge outdoor patio and i can’t wait to come back with my 🐶 this summer ☀️ what’s your favorite item from shake shack??
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Looks so good 😍
This burger sounds perfect
Stunning as always 😘⚡️⚡️
Shake shack in little italy!?
Ugh i loveee shake shack!!
Gotta love shake shack!
Oh my gosh liev the jeans
You making me so hngry 😍😍
Ahh this looks so bomb😍
Shake shack is the best!
Omfg looks so amazing 😍
Ahhh it’s opened?! i wanna go!
You are sooooo cute! ♥️♥️
I need to check this out!
I love this place !
Yummmmm 😍😍😍 woohoo! great shots babe! such a fun time with you 💕

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