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One of the most epic hikes i’ve done in a while- easily comparable to the peruvian andes or the canadian rockies. the drakensberg amphitheatre was mind blowing. we camped at the top and got absolutely pummelled by the harsh weather up there. sometimes nature has a way of making you feel insignificant and this was one of those times 🏔
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Incredible shot 🙌🏻💞
Awesome 🙏🏻
Amazing shot
Wonderful 👏
What camera do you use to take these wonderful pictures
Wonderful shot bro👍 you have really excelent picture! i would like that my photo in the future will like this🔥 check my profile...maybe some my photo seem very good.👍 and follow me please)) i'll make good content👍
Going there next week!
This photo is amazing 😍
😍😍 going to visit in a few weeks 😃 your shots keep me excited 😉🙏🏻
سلام فینگر فود مادو آماده ی پذیرایی از شما و میهمانان گرامی میباشد 🙏❤
@manubonjorn cómo no knocimos eso

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