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Good morning beautiful people, can you believe it! to summarise, this man was a winner, then he became a massive loser!!! then he became an inspirational winner last night, but everyone doubted he would ever win again! yesterday tiger woods won the 2019 masters! now the whole world has something to say! what i found most inspiring in all this, was what his former coach butch harmon said : "he was humbled by his own mistakes, the things he went through he created, nobody else created them, and he came out the other side. he got himself help, he got his body right, he got his head right and he went to work on his game"

these are all the key things he had to do to win - are we humbled by our mistakes? do we get help when we need it? do we even admit we need help? do we face head on, the things we need to fix in our lives to win?

massive lessons for us all. congratulations mr woods. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 you did it despite all the odds, despite everyone thinking you were done! we must never ever give up on our dreams. it does not matter how many times you lose, just stay focused on how you need to win! winners become losers and losers become winners! and if you do it right, you keep winning! 
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