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Such unfortunate news and sadness about the fire that has destroyed notre dame cathedral. a lesson to us all, that no matter the beauty of anything, it can all be gone just like that!
but we yoruba people have a saying when a fire occurs at one’s house. visitors, family and friends will console you by saying - "ilé ọba tó jó ná, ẹwà ló bùsi". translated it means “beauty, wisdom and goodness will be added to the kings house that burnt”

with this unfortunate incident that has happened, i pray the world now sees this as an opportunity to come together for a rebuilding of not just the notre dame cathedral , but also one that brings nations closer together - wisdom, beauty and goodness. so much rebuilding of nations is required all over the world.

but what is amazing is that in this destruction, the golden cross above the altar and the statue of v****n mary remained untouched in the devastated cathedral... jesus is most certainly alive 🙏🏾. god is on the throne🙏🏾.
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Not this again! france has been through so much in the last 2 years. it is well
Glory be to jesus and honour to mother mary !!!!
Jesus is alive. mary mother of god 💞
Catholic for life
I respect your lines ma'am words of wisdom🙌👏👏👏👏
Glory be to god. honour to holy mary mother of god. amen
Wonderful god
Very well said ma..
No fire can burn the v****n mary.
God is truly on the throne
So sad 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jesus is lord ave maria
Good morning auntie.
Please i sent you some messages.
Amazing....god is great.
Hmmmmmmmm oro agba bio se lowuro ase lojo ale ...
Well gold melts at a higher heat frequency than that of a wood.
Cos it requires a high degree to melt gold about 1,064 °c.

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