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🚨🚨! sin bin alert !🚨🚨 it is with much pain and sorrow i offer up my panel van of many faithful years for whoever wants to give me more than the wrecker. he's a tight arse - he said it's worth $200 to him...so hit me up.

motor & gearbox are still running well, it's still a rad piece of aussie motoring history, i've driven it to vic, qld and out west of nsw....it rules!! it has a fair bit of rust on the left sill & is out of rego.
but it's still has half a tank of petty & goes hard with an xr6 straight 6 in it.
its been the best & most practical car i have ever owned...unfortunately the 'if the vans a rockin' sticker has fallen off...but they are cheap on wish.com

dont sleep on it, dm me...now. 🤠👻😥😥
57 173
How fast have you had it up too?
Upgrading to a porsche?
How many roots - miles have you clocked in the back tho?!
So tight mike..💪🏼..., don’t sell it..🙏
Surprised that sil didn’t cop some diy treatment like the cobra 🤔🐍
Fuck that wrecker.. he’s a dick!! what are you gonna drive?
Rest in penouss
How’s the tread on tyres?
Does it have a ‘don’t laugh, your daughter might be inside’ sticker??
Sad days mate! 😥
Man! if it wasn’t for the rust i’d be all over that! i’ve been eyeing off the xh panos for ages! what sort of price are you chasing? i may be keen on a parts car.
This thing rules
Im still getting over you selling the t***p
😫😥 bye bye mr wagon 👋 ❤️
Sad news!

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