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Had to repost this. truly, fifty was and is epic. to all the ladies of fifty, much love always ❤❤❤ - @dakoreea , @omonioboli, @nseikpeetim, @iretidoyle
#fiftythemovie #stillonnetflix
reposted from @dakoreea - “tola” one of my most unforgettable characters in recent times from the movie “fifty” an @ebonylifefilms production directed by @biyibandele currently streaming on #netflix #og 💃🏽🦅✨📸: @damellphotography styling: @yolandaokereke #wednesdayreminiscence✨ - #regrann
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Watched it... so captivating @dakoreea was drama galore😂😂😂
Congratulations to our dakore-truly proud of your achievements.
History is everything. a people with no historical information of who they are a lost people. follow @mirrorchildren360 to gain true,accurate, historical information of who we are as african people. knowledge is power! and only through knowledge of self can we make progress as a people.
Congratulations to our dakore-truly proud of your achievements.
Sis have been asking to help me since a while now and u didn't reply me since. i'm in my final year right now and my exams are starting next week after easter no one want to help am even doing this out of frustration i shouldn't be asking for ur help though pls help a poor boy😢😢@moabudu
I could watch it 50 times and still look new to me i lovvet!!!
Yes i loved it too
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That movie was like all my favorite soups in one p*t 🤤🤤🤤, i love it ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Loved the character
Oh that movie is a classic any day n time. i don't ever get tired watching it. ...best is that all the casts are my fav actors. kudos guys, you all did a fabulous job!! ❤❤❤ y'all @ fifty
Love this movie like kilode. i've watched it so many times.
I really wished it was a season series!!!!! but guys made it to a great standard and the african flavour was fantastic. more grace
I know for sure that someday soon i will focus on your production so i'm preparing for it. love you ma'am😘
I was skeptical about seeing this movie at the cinema then ... i was like nigerian movie? so glad i did... i dont miss any ebony produced movie now.
My friends and i still use lines from the when chatting.... tola:how could you, i stretched my hands in friendship.... kate: what just happened (aunty you are fired)
Have seen fifty it is a good movie
Nice .movie, very mature.. full of expectations, well done!

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