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Please be informed that our tokyo office will be closed from april 27 to may 6 due to the consecutive national holidays, including coronation day (of the new emperor), may 1.
we apologize for your inconvenience during this period.
we will be back to work starting may 7 and respond to your inquiry. thanks!

too marker products inc./copic hq
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Only the best markers for creating mandalas i make all my mandalas using this
Have fun with your new daddy
@copic_official i live in austria and i want to get copic marker but i don't know where. can you tell me where i can get good and cheap sketch copic marker?
@copic_official will you guys have various inks in soon ??
@x.nico.x.14 please contact @copicmarkerau (x-press graph-x, the exclusive au & nz copic distributor). i'm sure they will be happy to assist you. if you have any further questions, please let us know!
@artisticatheart2 various ink is available at some selected stores in canada! for more details, please contact too corporation americas: support@us.too.com
Would love to know more about your products and their applications! happy holidays!
Thank you πŸ™
Hi! i noticed you parted with the north america distributor for copic, i doubt you know this but im curious if theres any plans to raise prices due to new management or to stop distribution in north america. ty!
Ω‡Ω„ يوجد Ω‡Ψ―ΩŠΨ© ؟🌚
Hi. to copic team. you have a amazing product the copic markers is amazing you put up a great product and seen a lot amazing artwork out in the world. i would like to thank you and your team copic office. art on πŸ‘πŸ‘
I want to buy some markers to paint stamps and make postcards. which colours should i start with? how many should i need at least?
Are there some colors being discontinued? i was about to put g46 mistletoe on a wishlist, but i can’t find it on the copic site anymore. i hope there won’t be any sketch markers discontinued
It doesn't matter what new brand or gimmick is out now ... copic is still to me the best quality marker out there today ... πŸŽ¨πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Where can i find various ink
How i can get a copic in malaysia?😒

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