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These porcelain mugs by sean forest roberts (@forestceramicco ) are equal parts artistic exploration and science experiment. “the most important aspect of my studio practice is constant exploration, which is definitely derived from my background in science,” says sean, who spent four years working in chemistry labs.
for the last three years, however, sean has experimented with porcelain pots by layering different colored clay and handcarving them to reveal the colors underneath. “what’s so captivating for me is the ability to make functional artwork – cups, mugs and bowls that can be used and enjoyed every day,” sean says.
today on our igtv channel, sean shows us how he makes his handcarved creations.
video by @forestceramicco
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Simply beautiful ! do you sell them? and can you design any thing on them. if so. love to purchase some.
So beautiful art so beautiful girl, women, handsome boy, man ok
Искусство ✌🏼😌✌🏼
와아 대박!!😍🔥
Hay que hacer jarrones con los yesos de colores 😍 @karla.ltv
Искусство ✌🏼😌✌🏼
@nono.jnx r a voir mais regarde c’est apaisant
Ооооочень красиво,слов нет
Каааааайф 🤩

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