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Photographer alia youssef (@aliayphotography ) created @the.sisters.project when she realized her passion for portraiture could help bring visibility to her community. “muslim women are often seen as a monolith, and some of the stereotypes associated with us are that we are silent, oppressed and voiceless,” explains alia, who is from vancouver, british columbia, and traveled all over canada to create these images. “i wanted to create a project that allowed for the diversity of muslim women to be seen, and for our individual stories to be elevated, celebrated and shared.” tune in to today’s story to learn more about alia and her inspiring project. ✨
right now, alia and millions of people around the world are celebrating the holy month of #ramadan, a month of prayer, giving and kindness. share your moments of everyday kindness and good — and all your ramadan celebrations — using the hashtag #monthofgood.
photos by @the.sisters.project
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