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New yorkers who text while crossing the street could be fined if a bill proposed in new york is passed. what do you think of the idea? more information is available through the link in the bio. (photo by spencer platt/getty images)
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Just stupid. lets fine pickibg your nose or wearing the color orange, because it offends someones rich, connected family.
Good! about time!!
Good because visionzero should i apply to more than just the people behind the wheel, the people walking should be responsible as well!!
Well being of citizens is a priority. no different than banning texting while driving. pedestrians need to be responsible too.
I think its good like u cant wait to make sure u safely cross before u text
In hawaii it’s already like that; totally disrespectful and the cops will stop you if you’re holding up traffic on your phone (taking selfies, talking etc)
Would get overturned on first court challenge. texting is speech.
When someone runs by them and takes there phone they will put it away
😂😂😂 oh god what else? work on something more important.
Some people just dont have the ability to multitask while crossing the street some people literally stop in middle of street to finish spelling whatever they are sending on there phone.
If you are that stupid, no law needed. eventually they will k**l themselves off.
Government overreach
Good... it will save a lot of lives
How about they place their time and efforts into things that can change for the better
Good. if dodging people on a manhattan street was an olympic event, i’d get a gold medal!
Great idea!!! it's about time. sadly, so many pedestrians don't focus when crossing! this puts us all in grave danger.
I’m here for to many do not pay attention and way to engaged and wrapped up in the phone a lot of parents too
Yeah they do know we have a serious homeless problem in nyc just sayin
Great! look up nyc
@faustoalopez sea la madre pero en new york están dando fines hasta por feo no joda 🤣🤣🤣🔥🙌

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