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“mixing in my doodle illustrations with a little more than average makeup is a creative outlet from my day-to-day life,” says wen neale (@sippystraw ), who works as a cook. “i took inspiration from my friend haku (@hakukaze ). only the blush and red liner is actual makeup. the white heart and dots were drawn from my drawing tablet, so most of the actual process was me hunched over my laptop drawing the hearts on my face.” ♡ ♡
photo illustration by @sippystraw
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Más vanidoso no puede ser, porque le faltaría espacio!!!!!
Oh i'm sorry i ment gay!!!!!!!!
Dis g*y 😂
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Omg 😶😦😨😨😓😓☠️😓😓😨
Что вы с собой делаете..."мужики"...?
... ❤️❤️
Another james charles
Iros a la mierda
Сукаааа это мат
Ребята ставим взаимние лаяки ви мне 5 а я вам👍👍

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