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Today on our story, we’re digging deep with artist billie eilish (@billieeilish ). 😎
billie shares the meaning behind some of the songs from her album “when we all fall asleep, where do we go?” as she uses the new lyrics feature for music in stories. watch now to learn more, then try it out for yourself using the music sticker. 🎶
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Your music is so beatiful as the sky where you fly !
I love you and the songs
Yay billlllie eilish you're th ebest app ever, instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please don't delete @billieeilish fanacc😭💔
Hey dear instagram, please don't delete @billieeilish fanaccs thanks :)
Dont delete @billieeilish fanpage accs😬😬😬😬😬😬
بیلی عشق منه همه دنیام😍😍
One year 🥺
A year ago 🥺
My baby aaaah mf one year ago today
Good mourning .miss billie eilish, i ms mm white one of jehovah witnesses and i want to share good news about jehovah gods kingdom with his son jesus christ as king ,i invite you and your family to the website of and to get to know the god jehovah who gifted you with such talent im happy for you and continue to be safe and grow in the spirit of god jehovah and have faith in his son jesus christ ,we all need a time to relax and get spiritual with ourselves as indivisuals to live and continue living and being blessed by jehovah god and jesus christ ,stay safe and enjoy life ,ms mm white

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